Rewriting Experience Links Linguistic Systems, Inc

Twenty years of work with writers
of English as a second language

  • We turn rough English into finished writing.
  • Skilled professionals smooth and polish every line.
  • We improve Ph.D. dissertations, theses, and term papers.
  • Our modern style emphasizes the ABCs of excellent English:
    Accuracy, Brevity, and Clarity.

For business: Don’t lose sales because misspelled words and awkward writing weaken your credibility. Motivate readers with your words and our skills. We turn manuals, catalogs, and reports into easy-to-understand, user-friendly English documents.

For academics: Preparing an important grant application? (One mistake could mean rejection.) Or finishing that new textbook or presentation you’ve been writing? We can polish your document and clarify your message, usually with your own words.

For students: Remove the carelessness from your thesis or dissertation. Let us help you with strong punctuation, correct spelling, and active user-friendly sentences. And at a reduced rate that’s sure to fit your budget.

For translations: We’re ready with a large team of carefully screened professional translators of 115 languages serving the translation needs of companies and scholars worldwide. All English work they provide is carefully polished and edited for cultural considerations. Request rates.

For quotations: Please e-mail us and describe the project (number of words, subject, audience). Attach a few sample pages that represent the document. If the entire project totals more than 20 pages, we will send back some edited copy at no charge with an estimate that will not be exceeded and a return date for the entire job.

Payment: We make it easy to pay because we accept PayPal, so you can use VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Click here to open a PayPal account and send payment to .


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